Hotel San Marco SestolaHotel San Marco SestolaHotel San Marco SestolaHotel San Marco SestolaHotel San Marco SestolaHotel San Marco SestolaHotel San Marco SestolaHotel San Marco SestolaHotel San Marco SestolaHotel San Marco Sestola

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Visiting Sestola

A walk through nature, history, and culture

In addition to its natural beauty and appealing summer weather, Sestola offers many more things to do and to see to enhance your holiday in Modena Apennines.

Sestola Castle

The Stronghold, the landmark dominating Sestola, has been standing on a tall rocky spur since 700 AD. The building now belongs to the Council, and can also be visited in winter.
More precisely, the area within the walls with a view of the hamlet, the church and the fortress is always open, whereas the castle itself (museums, exhibitions and tower) can be visited any summer day, and at weekends in June and September (fee applies).


Hotel San Marco Sestola

The mechanical musical instrument museum

If you are keen on such devices, you will be pleased to know that Sestola Castle is home to the Museo degli strumenti musicali meccanici (Mechanical musical instrument museum). Around 120 items on display illustrate the mechanical evolution of musical instruments from the 18th century to today.

Monte Cimone

Good hikers in good shape (but not necessarily super fit - as the cable car reaches Pian Cavallaro 1880 metres asl ) should climb up to the top of  Monte Cimone mount, Emilia Romagna's highest Apennine peak, to experience a unique altitude thrill.


Giardino Botanico Esperia botanical garden

On your way up or down Mount Cimone, it is worth to stop a while near the Passo del Lupo pass to admire the flowers of the Giardino Botanico Esperia botanical garden, a nationally recognised eco-educational oasis dedicated to spontaneous Apennine and Alpine flora.  The garden gathers over two hundred native flora species, plus several dozens of plants and flower that usually grow in the most remote mountain ranges.


Lago della Ninfa lake

Situated over 1500 metres above sea level, it is an evocative tiny lake named after a legend narrating the moving and diabolic love story involving a hunter and- of course - a lake nymph . It is the perfect place, summer or winter, for walking and relaxing in a quiet natural environment.

Hotel San Marco Sestola

Other ideas in Sestola and the neighbourhood:

And do not forget Sestola's play area, perfect for safe fun-filled hours, and to call at the dairies, where you can buy excellent local products!

Hotel San Marco Sestola

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